What We Do

True Brand Research

Our research methods not only uncover the real perceptions of your brand, expose the disconnects in how your brand is experienced and reveal how to close all the gaps to create a "true" brand, it will help transform company culture, strategy and direction. We also conduct brand research for agencies, design firms and businesses that want to understand the attitudes that drive their consumers' behaviors. Our methods include online, focus groups, mobile and on-site interviews. 

Organizational Diagnostics & Brand Alignment

Our organization-sweeping diagnostics expose the blind spots, breaches and conflicts that impede your ability to deliver on the brand in everything you do. We help you align every person, process and platform to deliver the consistent experiences that your consumers expect and make your brand "true" in their eyes.

Mission Transformation

If your mission doesn't guide strategy, help employees find purpose in their work, protect the fidelity of your brand or it could hang on any competitors' wall, then it needs to be transformed. We turn traditional missions into brand missions. What's the difference? Whereas a traditional mission is typically aspirational, results-oriented and company-centric, a brand mission is actionable, culture-shaping and customer-focused.

Workshops, Seminars & Speaking Engagements

We bring brand training to you through our on-site workshops and seminars. We can teach you how to build, grow and "true" a brand. We tailor our interactive sessions to the specific needs of each level—senior leadership, director, middle management and support team members—to ensure the most effective results. Founder Kurt Bartolich is also a sought after speaker and is available for meetings, conferences and events.







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